Anvanca Success Story


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After my pregnancy, I was able to get close to my pre-baby weight, but I needed some help with the last few pounds.  In the spring of 201

91, I tried Anvanca™ weight loss pills.  I had tried other supplements before, but with mixed results:  some because of their side effects, and others because I had to make too much of a drastic change to fit it into my lifestyle. With Anvanca, I was pleasantly surprised.  I lost 6lbs in 6wks.  I didn’t get a jittery feeling or a headache like with others I’ve tried.  With a baby and two older kids, I didn’t have much time for the gym so I was thrilled that TipMyBalance™ had tips on how to make my everyday activities more effective.  Through the healthy weight loss diet & exercise tips, along with some of the recipe ideas, I was able to not only hit my pre-baby weight, I’m two pounds lighter.  Now that I’ve passed my weight loss goal successfully, I use it to maintain my weight.  It gives my metabolism a little boost so I don’t have to modify my diet.  What can I say, I like my chocolate.  I highly recommend Anvanca weight loss supplements to others.  I only wish I would have found this sooner after the birth of my beautiful daughter!