Anvanca Success Story


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My sister recommended Anvanca™ weight loss supplement and the Tip My Balance tracker tool after experiencing success with the program. Admittedly, I was skeptical regarding her recommendation based on my prior experience with supplements. I didn’t want to feel ‘wired’ on caffeine and/or have to remember to take 6-8 pills a day in order to see results. My sister assured me that Anvanca was different and felt I would be pleased with the result.

Upon trying Anvanca™ and tracking my progress with Tip My Balance, I found that I was able to lose weight without having to significantly modify my daily routine or diet, and without feeling as though my heart was going to leap out of my chest! I was relieved and thrilled to see positive results (2 lbs per week) without having to add a structured exercise program to my already jam-packed day. I simply had to do more of what I was already doing (taking stairs, standing and walking while holding my baby, playing with my dogs, etc.), which was easy to do once Anvanca™ and the Tip My Balance program made me aware of the impact such minor adjustments can have on my weight loss goal. I’m proud to say that I now use Anvanca™, and the lifestyle lessons I learned from the program, to obtain a metabolism boost and maintain my ideal weight